We fuse your business strategy and online presence together to support growth objectives. We look at the big picture and then drill down on sales figures. Data driven marketing.

Strategy and Growth

Grow your business by expanding your eCommerce and retail presence. Increase revenue, cut costs or offer new products/services.

Search Optimisation

Be found organically and build brand awareness. A sustainable medium and long term approach to growing revenue.

Digital Automation

Automate processes to improve customer service and increase productivity. We manage leads and support sales growth.

Digital Advertising

Effective online advertising, ready to scale with your growth. Google AdWords, Facebook paid advertising and Instagram.

What we do

Here is how we get you the results. We also add our secret sauce and adjust our process to fit your specific case.

Business Goals

We kick things off with a discovery session, where we talk about the big picture and then drill down on sales figures. We determine which products or services and or categories are performing.

We also assess the existing structure of your website and identify high performing pages. We use search engine optimisation tools, such as Semrush to benchmark your current performance and positioning. What we want to do is ensure that you do not lose any of your existing rankings. And if you do, are doing it so that we can increase the probability of your ranking your website, by preparing you with a site structure that can compete.


Content and Keyword Strategy

Using our keyword and search optimisation tools. We determine the most effective keywords and content strategy. The standard practice is to develop 350 to 400 words of content for each page. In reality, it may not be adequate in a particularly competitive area. We assess the top 10 performing websites for each relevant keyword. And as such, develop a content brief, specifically tailored to help you meet the ranking and traffic requirements.

A brief may include things like a word count that is larger than 800 words or noting a need to have video content, high-quality imagery and other information to boost the relevance of your page, compared to your competitors. We do all of this before developing the design of your website.


Website Design

With all completed content, we set about developing the design of your website. We build your site on a Growth Project staging subdomain, which you can view at any time during the development process.

We have a live example to get feedback and evaluate the user experience immediately. We develop your website on the WordPress platform. We tailor the design of each page, relative to the content so that the website’s design supports the written material.  


Launch and Optimisation

We launch your website and integrate Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Google Ads, Google Search Console and Facebook pixel tracking codes. Implementing these codes will allow us to track performance and conversions immediately. 

We also look at ways in which we can integrate your site with your existing customer relations management tools and other internal business processes. For the first month post-launch, we monitor, assess analyse and tweak any pages and content to boost your probability of ranking. We also identify any bugs and resolve any technical issues.


We've helped create over $56 Million worth of value.

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