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The Digital Tools You Need to Run Your Business: A Helpful Guide

Are you interested in learning about different tools that your small business or startup business can use to get ahead?

Do you need information on the different resources that you should line the company up with prior to your launch?

There are several different digital tools that you’re business could use. The more software and apps that you have at your disposal, the more of a competitive advantage that you have in the marketplace.

Here are several digital tools that you should consider adding to your repertoire. Give all of these options a consideration and make the best choice for your needs.

Cloud Phone Systems

Are you looking for a phone system for your company that’s cost-efficient and able to be used anywhere? If so, then you should look into adding a cloud-based phone system.

Options like and Ringcentral are used by thousands of different businesses and have a reputation for reliability.

Adding a cloud phone system to your business can provide your entire staff with an easy-to-use system they can access from wherever they are.

It also helps with things such as time management, continuity with your business, better customer service, and the ability to scale as your business grows.

If you’re looking for a phone system that’s as useful for your startup as it will be in the future, then a cloud phone system is the right call.

G Suite

Everyone loves Google, it provides such a great service to you for free. Not only that, but Google offers some incredible programs for your business.

Google tries to help your business in areas such as sales, marketing, communication, client relations, and so much more. It’s comprised all of the must-haves for your business into one single cloud-computing suite known as G Suite.

It includes such things as Gmail, Calendar, Hangouts (more on that in a second), and Drive. Google Drive allows you to keep highly-important documents, files, photos, etc. as safe as can be.

G Suite gives your business access to unlimited storage potential with an enhanced amount of data security that’s unmatched in the corporate world.

It also gives you and everyone in your business a business email and can streamline the way that you communicate with your employees.

Simply put, G Suite can quickly become the backbone of your business model. But because of it’s high safety features, you’ll be able to depend on it for years to come.

Google Hangouts

It’s getting harder and harder to keep all of your employees in one place. In a world where the typical business “office” expands far beyond the company walls, you need digital tools that will help you keep the communication streamlined.

Google Hangouts is a tremendous tool for such a need. It helps you to have communication that is up to the very second. It also helps you stay engaged with a camera that only shows the person who is talking.

Hangout can be an amazing way for you to communicate both with your staff and your clients.

It will help you with things such as interviews, webinars, prototype testing, consultations with clients/workers, and much more.

Using this feature as a focal point of your business will also help you build a brand that comes off as approachable and friendly. From there, you can design an entire digital marketing approach around that brand identity.

The best part about Google Hangouts over other options (such as Zoom) is that Hangouts has the most transparent pricing on the market. No hidden costs or additional purchases are necessary.


Perhaps your business is already set up with a computing system but is in desperate need of more storage. 

Not only that, but the cloud storage needs to be flexible and mobile. In which case, you’ll need a cloud-based storage service such as Dropbox to fill your demands.

It won’t automatically save the files from your computer, so you get to have full control of what gets saved on the company Dropbox account and what doesn’t.

Dropbox can help you send files to customers that they can open without installing or signing up for anything, send large files with ease, and more security for your storage.

It’s truly an incredible tool in which you can purchase an entire terabyte of storage for only $9.99. What an incredible value!


Perhaps your company hasn’t even built a website just yet. If not, then you’ll want to begin the process by choosing a WordPress hosting service to help build the site.

This website will be an invaluable tool for generating leads and higher sales conversions for your products or services.

More importantly, WordPress can help you with things such as building a website theme, easy use for beginners, high search rankings, and a mobile-friendly site layout.

You’ll also want to install services such as Mailchimp that can help provide you with custom signup forms, strategized email blasts, and groundbreaking analytics on your campaigns.

Both WordPress and Mailchimp can help beginners and experts alike. Be sure to equip your business with both of them.

More Digital Tools Means Better Decisions for Your Business

The more digital tools that your business has at its disposal, the more data that will be presented and thus, the better decisions that you’ll make.

Be sure to read this page to learn more about our advanced marketing technology and how it can help you make more revenue with the decision you make.

For more inquiries, please feel free to reach out via our contact us page and we’ll be happy to assist you further!

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