Grow your Business

At The Growth Project, our mission is to help leaders grow their business with technology. We build solutions to improve operations and market your business.

We’ve worked with traditional bricks and mortar businesses and appreciate the power of a great team and good old-fashioned customer service. And we’ve built technology solutions that help those same teams do amazing things. Whether you have to open a new location, corporate or franchise or build a website, our focus is always about your customers and people. So what is your growth project?


How we can Help

Digital Businesses

Grow your business by expanding your eCommerce and retail presence. Increase revenue, cut costs or offer new products/services or franchise your business.

Search Optimisation

Be found organically and build brand awareness. A sustainable medium and long term approach to growing revenue.

Digital Automation

Automate processes to improve customer service and increase productivity. We manage leads and support sales growth. Data driven and agile.

Digital Advertising

Effective online advertising, ready to scale with your growth. Google AdWords, Facebook paid advertising and Instagram. We optimise all digital channels.

Marketing Technology

From website development to a fully managed digital service ready to scale with your business. Fast, iterative and customer orientated.

Coaching and Advice

Need help to figure out what you need and how to make the most of what you have? Let's book a time to chat, we're happy to point you in the right direction.


What they say about us


We’ve worked for small family businesses and fortune 500 companies and we’ve advised clients on everything from technology build, selection, automation, marketing and franchise growth.